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Digital twins

Simulation for the machine-learning era

We build modular infrastructure components for the full digital-twin lifecycle.

Collaborative simulation
Develop simulations with your team using our cloud editor and sandboxed development environment.
Existing data sources
Power simulations with integrations to enterprise data lakes, data warehouses and event streams.
Operational simulation
Expose simulations as API services using our managed service, API and SDK toolkits.
Fully-featured digital twins
Stream live data in and out of online simulations.
Integrated services
Couple simulations to machine-learning algorithms using modular plugins.
Develop in-house solutions
Build custom apps using low-code frameworks and our managed API.

Our Team

The Quaisr team spans engineering, machine-learning, and cloud-native development. We grew out of a shared frustration with existing tooling.

  • Omar Matar


    Vice Dean of Engineering at Imperial College London. Professor of Multiphase Fluid Dynamics.

  • Lachlan Mason


    Trained at Data61, the Alan Turing Institute and the Australian Antarctic Division. Keen interest in systems programming, including the Golang and Rust ecosystems. PhD in chemical engineering.

  • Indranil Pan


    Group Leader at the Alan Turing Institute and Imperial College Research Fellow. Keen interest in uncertainty quantification, machine learning and applied statistics. PhD in systems engineering.

    • Richard Craster


      Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London. Professor of Applied Mathematics.

    • Ashley Unitt


      Cloud technology pioneer. Co-founded, scaled and sold NewVoiceMedia SaaS company.

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    Simulation for the machine-learning era.

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